Studio Cars Bristol  and the Albert + initiative.

  1) Studio Cars is a member of the Bristol Green Capital initiative and as such commits to reduce its carbon footprint whilst serving the community and Film and Television industry in Bristol and the surrounding area.

  2) We provide a planning and logistics service tailored to the Film and Television Industry, giving you cost effective and environmentally friendly transport, our local knowledge is second to none.

  3) We plan travel to best utilise our vehicles, using a cost and environment aware system. This involves collecting artistes promptly via the shortest and most fuel and emission efficient and routes.

  4) When planning artist travel we ensure the vehicle is fully utilised by collecting multiple artistes on the same routes.

  5) We train our drivers to avoid traffic hold ups and congestion using satellite navigation and real time traffic reporting, reducing fuel usage and emissions.  

  6) Studio Cars is investing in new Hybrid and Electric vehicles. We have just taken receipt of a Mercedes 300c Hybrid and we are trialling the all electric Nissan Leaf for inner city travel. 

  7) The company is constantly updating its knowledge of the most environmentally efficient methods of conducting its core business through training, eco seminars and evaluation of current and future vehicle trends.

  8) The sustainability of our business and the environment is of paramount concern to Studio Cars and as a responsible company we undertake to do everything we can to achieve a minimal carbon footprint as we do business.

      Nick Kenyon, CEO Studio Cars Bristol Ltd.

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