Now that Mammoth Screens production of “Poldark”  has finished, I am at liberty to post a few shots from the show.

It was a tough, but fun show to work on, but all the guys who worked it came a way with a sense that they had worked on a hit…. and so it proved!

Mammoth Poldark Series 1

We are looking forward to a chaotic next six months…. finally the election will be over, and The Bottle Yard Studios will be overflowing with great new productions.

First up will be Sky Tv’s “Trollied”, which we have served since inception and enjoyed every minute. Here’s a few shots from the show...



One quarter of the way through 2016 and it’s been an eventful year so far…. more to follow soon.

To Leaf or not?

And so…. we start Trollied series 5 on Monday 15th June. This has been a staple series for us at the Bottle Yard Studios Bristol for the last four years and it’s been great fun.

We have a couple of new artists and couple of returns, no spoilers!

Studio Cars also has a new vehicle on the fleet.. A Mercedes 300c BlueTec Hybrid. A wonderful car and about as ecologically sound in 2015 as you can get in the executive market. Pictures to follow, its been so busy we havent got any shots yet.

Other news - Nissan are sending us a Leaf to trial on Trollied for a few weeks and dependant on how that goes, we will probably buy a couple for city trips and stations. 

Lean and mean

Here we are in March already. It would have been nice to have kicked off this year with a lot of work, but it was not to be.. Having completed “Sherlock”, we have been pottering about transporting the wonderful lead artists from Dr Who, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

The company is keeping its head above water, despite the lack of work, but we have become hardened to this over the years…. “If you don’t have a job that sees you through new year, you’ll be waiting ‘till March for the next”…so true!

Looking forward, we are signed for 2 jobs coming up and hope to be fully occupied again by the end of April. Good luck to all you lot in our business. XX 

Happy New Year

Well…..we are now live. Lets see how 2015 treats us. Wishing everyone of our customers a Very Happy New Year. X


cripes….. 2015 already, How did that happen?

Anyway, we’re here now so lets go.

A new show on the go, Media business getting going, local corporates very interested in our services and the Bottle Yard is going to be busy busy this year… good luck to all of us. X


PHEV…. all these acronyms are getting confusing…. Mitsubishi are lending us a trial Outlander on thursday for a few days trial.

The Ampera was great fun and cost me about £18 for the 3 days I had it…… don’t ask how many miles. 360! And I forgot to plug it in one day….

Looking forward to the Outlander. x  

EREV news

Our first Ampera demo arrives today…… now lets see!


Studio Cars has today agreed terms with The Bottle Yard Studios for a permanent office and charging points for it’s new Green fleet of cars.

SCL Blog

SCL - We are presently negotiating with Vauxhall for the acquisition of 4 Vauxhal Amperas to add to our fleet of luxury chauffeur driven vehicles. We hope to launch at the end of November and have them on the road working to keep Bristols air quality clean and clear for Christmas….

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